I am an abstract oil painter based in Boulder, Colorado.  I draw inspiration from daily life and my interest in physically connecting with my surroundings.   Through my love of travel, people, animals and music I create one of kind pieces that represent my spirit and experience.  No other medium has allowed me to so openly express my inner self.  Painting is a connection to my higher power and has allowed me a means to connect with others through art.

Some of my earliest memories are of creating art.  My mother, a gifted ceramicist, always encouraged me to express myself artistically.  I was quite young when I became interested in abstract painting and early on, dove headfirst into experimentation with mediums and using different surfaces and techniques.  Still today I find that constant exploration and risk taking is what drives my work forward.

It feeds me to connect with others who see elements of my work and feel something.  It is often the conversations about past works that inspire new ideas and fuel new directions.